Easy Cleaning: Dry Cleaning Pro Tip

Friends, this plastic is not intended to be a long term situation.

Today’s #1 tip for Dry Cleaning: Take the plastic off your clothes when you get home. For real. Those plastic bags are not intended to be on dry cleaned clothing long term, they are just for transport.

Why, You Ask? Dry cleaning is not a moisture-free process. So keeping your clothes in the plastic bag puts them at higher risk of mold and yellowing. Not even kidding here.

“I’ve…seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Mold on the shoulder of a vintage 1950s dress. I watched a crepe shirt disintegrate off the hanger. All those moments burned in my mind, like tears in rain. “

In addition the chemicals used in dry cleaning aren’t great, and your clothes need to air out. Because of this, and the cost, I use dry cleaning sparingly. For more on dry cleaning alternatives check out this previous post on Hand Washing 101.

“Thank you for freeing meeeee!”

If you want to protect clothing during storage, I suggest getting a cotton zippered wardrobe bag.

That’s all for this week!