Make-Up Resources

Oh, make-up. Make-up for theatre can run the gamut of barely there street style make-up to all out special effects make-up. Here’s some resources I’ve encountered in my design work that I think are worth a try.

Please note: I in no way receive any compensation from these companies, nor do I have any relationship with them. I simply think they have great products. I’ll keep adding to this list as I discover new gems. Enjoy!

Besame Cosmetics

I recently discovered Besame Cosmetics. Founded in 2004, Besame Cosmetics recreates vintage make-up from the 1920s-1960s in modern formulas.

Ben Nye Makeup

Of course, no make-up resource list would be complete without a mention of Ben Nye Make-up. Considered a tried and true for those working at large theatres and doing special effects make-up.