Besame Cosmetics and Agent Carter

Founded in 2004, Besame Cosmetics recreates vintage make-up from the 1920s-1960s in modern formulas. As usual, I have no relationship with Besame and receive no benefit from this article. My opinions are my own!

I stumbled upon Besame Cosmetics when I was trying to find out what lipstick was used for Marvel’s Agent Carter series. In season one, Peggy sports the same shade of lipstick for nearly every episode.

Season one of Agent Carter used Besame’s 1946 Red Velvet lipstick, which is a reformulated version of a popular color from 1946.
Besame Cosmetics had also released a special edition Agent Carter set, which is now sold out (darn).

1946 Red Velvet Lipstick

Since I am often on the lookout for 1940 lipstick colors, I quickly ordered that 1946 Red Velvet lipstick. I am really impressed with the quality. The color is great, it goes on smooth and is very moisturizing. In short– I’m in love and will be going back for other lipstick colors.

I look forward to trying more of their make-up and will report back when I do!