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Easy Swaps: Safety Razors

Another easy swap to make to save money and decrease waste is to invest in a safety razor. As with many things, I find that a safety razor is far superior to most modern razors. It’s another example of how sometimes the old way of doing things really is the better way–both for people, and for the environment. A well cared for safety razor will last you years, with only the blades to replace.

A Viking Safety Razor will cost you about $30-$35 up front, but similar to other items, will pay for itself pretty easily over time.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Safety Razors tend to be sharper, so be careful and give yourself time to adjust if you change over
  • Don’t store in the shower, which can lead to rusting
  • Separate the blade from the razor after use and dry both off

Replacement Blades

Replacement blades can be purchased separately, and cost about $15-$20 for 50. It will take you years to work through 50 blades.

And that’s about it. Used blades can be collected until you have a bunch to take to steel recycling. Safety Razors tend to be a little more high maintenance than disposable blades, but it’s really not that bad. The positives very much outweigh the negatives in the end.