Subscription Box Thunderdome: Stitch Fix

Oh Stitch Fix–I can’t quit you.

I started using Stitch Fix a few years ago. Early on, my results were really good. Over time, my boxes or “fixes” started having issues. They would ignore my box requests (simple stuff like “can you send me pants?”), send me things that weren’t my style, or were way off in size. My impression is that as the company scaled larger, Stitch Fix had to rely more on algorithms rather than people to put together boxes.

Last year, I randomly had a box arrive with clothes that were too big. I called customer service and they over-corrected my sizes to “XS/0” and everything was WAY too small. Through that process a customer service rep referred me to their sizing chart, which is pretty old school– based on height and weight. If you work out and carry more muscle, their chart isn’t going to work for you.

My husband started using their newly launched men’s service about a year and a half ago, and he’s been very happy. His experience has been drastically different from mine–not surprising considering that the men’s interface is set up differently than the women’s.

The major difference? Questions about work clothes. While the men’s interface asks many questions about their work clothes, the women’s interface does not allow me to indicate much about my place of work. I end up using the comments box to do so.

The women’s interface:

The question above is the only question in the women’s style section that references work.

The men’s interface for comparison:

No question about date night here!

Not surprisingly, I’ve been striking out on clothes for work for some time now. I’ve given Stitch Fix the feedback of “Hey, it would be great if you added questions about work to the women’s style section”. I mean, it’s just a couple more questions. Maybe Stitch Fix doesn’t care to supply women with work clothes?

I decided to give them one more shot. For the blog. For SCIENCE.

I tried to make things as simple as possible with the instructions “I need some new shirts”. Since the work clothes thing wasn’t working out…I was just going to let them send me whatever clothes they want to.

And look…two shirts! Oh boy!

Those booties were cute but UNCOMFORTABLE.

The fit on this box of clothes was pretty good. I did end up keeping the pink trench coat…which I can wear to work.

Overall, I’ve decided to order from Stitch Fix again. But I’ll be doing it from the men’s interface, for sure.

Until Next Time True Believers!