Hair and Make-up

Besame’s 1940s Mascara

If you’ve seen my previous post about Besame Cosmetics, you know I’ve been experimenting with their vintage make-up reproductions. I’ve had great success with their lipstick, so I thought I’d branch out and try their vintage style 1940s Black Mascara…in a tube!

In theory, mascara in a tube should last longer. You’re squeezing a small amount onto a wand, and bacteria and air isn’t introduced to the mascara itself in the way it is in our traditional wand/container mascara. So tube mascara should have a longer shelf life than modern wand/container mascara, which needs to be dumped after 3-6 months. Perhaps this might be a more environmentally friendly version of mascara? I hope so!

Tube mascara is also good for situations where many people are needing mascara–like theatre and photo shoots–assuming that you’re using a clean wand for everyone, and no “double dipping”.

So…after giving it a couple spins I can honestly say this stuff is great. It’s got more horse-power than I was expecting from a tube–a little goes a long way! It takes a bit of figuring out to apply, but after a couple tries it’s pretty user-friendly.

Best of luck wanding!